Chelsea Graham - Grade 13, Constantia Waldorf School.:
"I would just like to give you all a huge, HUGE thank you for all your help! In the beginning I had no clue on what was happening and you all helped me get my ducks in a row. And now I'm done! Finishto!! Thanks again. All the best. x"
Rochelle Jacobs - Student: Stephanie Jacobs Grade 12, Norman Henshilwood:
"Thank you so much for the amazing help you and your team has been and I will be looking forward to her doing better and better next year"
Montana Hall - Grade 13, Constantia Waldorf School:
"It was my matric year and I was struggling immensely. That was before I started extra maths which then helped propel me from a 50% and below to a final mark of 94%. They re instilled my confidence in maths and had I not experienced their patience and guidance, I would not have passed with a mark so high."
Carolyn(Kayla Welsh Grd 6):
"My daughter has been attending extra lessons at Mad about Maths for just over 6 months. Her marks have improved from a mid-50% in June 2012 to a very acceptable 70% by the end of the year. Continuing with her extra lessons this year her marks continue to improve to a high-80% (nicely above the grade average) by the end of the first term. Not only has the extra lessons improved her results but I have found that her going to Mad about Maths has significantly improved her confidence in her maths ability. She has gained immensely from her extra lessons. I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to Madelein and her team for helping build her marks and confidence in the subject. I am sure we would not be in the same position as we are now without your help." Thank you
Benedicta: Student - Zoe September(GR9):

Zoe has become more confident  in Maths and is even assisting her friends in class (who are achieving higher marks than her). Last week she visited a  grade 8 class to collect a document and a pupil was solving  a sum on the board. The teacher saw that Zoe could identify the mistake and asked her solve the question. She got it right!

Daniel Le Vatte - Maths Grade 7:

Daniel went from code 2 in maths for the second term to code 6 in the third term.  Almost a code 7 shame he was so disappointed as only 1% away from code 7.  In all honesty, when he started with Mad about Maths I was thinking I would be very happy if he could accomplish getting a code 5, that he managed a code 6 was amazing to me so I was over the moon.  Daniel now thinks anything less than 90% on a test and a 7 on his report is not good enough hahaha.  Three months ago he thought he was a total failure and now he considers himself a maths boff ! 

I am so pleased! Thanks so very much



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