2nd Term Newsletter - 2018-04-09

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Weekend Closure - Friday 30 March - 2 April 2018 - 2018-03-28

Mad about Maths will be closed for the Easter long weekend.  We shall be closed on Friday 30th, Sat 31st March and Monday 2nd April. All students with lessons on any of these days are required to reschedule them at thier convenience.  Friday 30th has to be rescheduled before the end of April.  Sat 3st and M... more

Mad about Maths February Newsletter - New Systems - 2018-02-03

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December Closing Period. - 2017-11-22

      As always, Mad about Maths will be closed for a few weeks over the December Holidays. No fees will be charged for December, unless for specifically requested lessons. Please be sure to inform us if a student will continue to come in December.  We will be closing on the 8th December and reopening on the 4th o... more

The Importance of Resourcing - 2017-10-11

Math is not a static subject. Whilst the rules stay more or less the same dependent on the application, I feel that there are always at least 6 different ways of explaining a single concept – thus, at least one should appeal to every student. With that being said, I always try to challenge my more gifted students as they tend to bore easil... more

May 2017 Newsletter - 2017-05-22

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Study tips from Jaime. - 2016-05-18

Our head tutor Jaime from the Begvliet branch took time out of her own insane studying and tutoring schedule to share some of her advice on studying before the upcoming exams. Have a look and see if you could benifit from her hard learned advice:      Being a student myself, I find it challenging, at best to follow the advic... more